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My company is looking for a contract management system that could be built integrated with our SharePoint environment. The reason we are not looking for a third party solution is that we already have a lot of documents in SharePoint and it would be very hard to move all that to a new environment. so, instead we have decided to build a contract management integrated in SharePoint. Our users are also very experienced in managing and working with SharePoint so that makes the adoption of such a solution will be much easier for us, that is one other reason we are considering SharePoint based solution. A solution that leverages on the Power Automate to automate the processes and send reminders is what we have in mind. We are also looking for features like E-signature integration and a comprehensive dashboard. 

We are prospecting some contract management solutions, much like this,  but i thought hey it would be great to get insight from you guys since you guys have been of great help in the past. I hope you guys can help me with this too. do share what you guys think and any alternatives for this if you know. Thank in advance for sharing.

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Hi @robearth,


I have used SharePoint and Power Automate in the past for agreement & contract management. The solutions were simple and met the requirements. At a high-level the solutions included:


  • List to store metadata: name, contact info, signatory, start date, renewal date etc.
  • Folders to store associate documents. Document Sets would be preferred but the lack of related Power Automate actions was limiting IMO.
  • Power Automate to create folders, execute approvals, send reminders etc.

If your company is currently using Excel to manage this process you have a great starting point for your List build.


I've included a bunch of links to my blog in this response to try and give you a head-start. I'm happy to help you further with this one.


I hope this helps.






Sounds like you have developed a solid contract management solution using out-of-the-box tools from Microsoft.  Are you able to share any details on how it was created?  Maybe some videos to help guide you through development?


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