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Hey all,


Apologies in advance if this post is incorrectly structured or improperly labeled but I don't know who else to ask for assistance. I have been tasked with setting up my companies Intranet from scratch. In one of the demo videos I watched, I saw on of of the SharePoint sites there was a red 'pop up'/notification box on the bottom of the screen with text akin to "Someone left a teabag in the sink, Please could you remove it." I really liked this feature as a means for HR or admin to put out a notice when necessary otherwise there will be no 'pop up'/notification box. I know its not an alert as those are intended to notify specified members when a document has been accessed etc.


I'm not really sure what to do from here and I'm really hoping that someone knows what I'm talking about/looking for and can assist (I know the odds of someone seeing the same video is astronomically low so any help at this point is welcome!) Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and any advice is wholeheartedly appreciated!



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@Ty113 I suspect the video you are referring to is for an earlier version of SharePoint. SharePoint Online has no popup message feature.


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