Look up filed delegation issue SharePoint-PowerApp

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Hello All,


I have two SharePoint lists.

1-Contract List

IDContract NameCustomer Name(Look Up from Customers List below)


2-Cusomers List

IDCustomer Name
 over 200.000 customers


There are over 20.0000 customers in the Customer List.

I want to create a Power App form for the Contract List. I am extracting customer name data from the Customer List as look up.


It gives me an error and do not let me to create the PowerApps form for the contract list.


I guess there is a way around to manipulate it with delegation. But I do not know how to do it.


I would appreciate if someone could help me out on this issue.




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@Naligurtan what is the error because there isn’t a reason you can’t do that because of a lookup column I use them all the time. 

@Chris Webb Please see the screenshot of the error. 


That doesnt tell me much. This doesnt even look like an error in powerapps. Usually this stems from sorting or filtering on a column that is not indexed in the Sharepoint list with the large number of items.