Logical Arguments not working in SharePoint calculated columns, please help!

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Hi Everyone,

I am not able to use logical arguments in calculated columns in my list and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. 
First of all, I can't compare two dates. I have a column that is manually populated with a date (no time). I have tried to set up a calculated column to tell me if that date occurs in the past or not. IF(Column1Date<Now(),"YES","")
Sharepoint will return "YES" for every row, even when the date occurs in the past. 

Example with Now() in the formula: (today is 4/4)

-date format/no time
Calculated Column:

Example where I tried comparing two columns instead of using Now() directly in the formula:


(date format, no time)

Calculated Column 

(date format, no time)

Calculated Column:

I thought there must be something going on behind the scenes where the dates are being treated like numbers or converted into a strange format and it was causing the logical argument to fail, so I tried a workaround so that I could compare simple numbers rather than dates. In this case I wanted to determine if there's more than 7 days between two dates.




(manually entered date, in date format/no time)

(manually entered date, date format/no time)




number format, 0 decimal places




I don't know why the logical arguments in the "IF" formulas don't work. They just won't calculate correctly. What am I doing wrong?
At this point I have set up my list to use the third workaround (counting number of days between dates then determining if it's more than 7 days) and that's the more pressing issue, but I would really also like to know why I can't seem to compare dates directly either. 

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