Logic for Edit Permission based on a Column Value

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Need help in granting Edit permission in Sharepoint list based on a Column value


The Log is :- If col value='XYZ', then only user A can edit the row.

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@Gopu_gdxc  >> I was using Workflow 2010 for this logic's implementation, using impersonation step.

But 2010 workflows will be discontinued by Microsoft on March 2021. 2013 Workflows does not have this Impersonation option.


Since I am new to Power Apps, if anyone can advice any powerapp option, well and good.....I had posted in the powerapp community in MS, but did not get any reply still

Since, I did not get any reply on my first query. I am thinking of creating multiple views. Can I set a view based permission in O365 Sharepoint ? that means, user A will see only View named View_A, and user B will only see a View named View_B ?