Lists with Multiple Permission Levels

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I'm trying to make a list with items that have three different permissions levels. Functionally, here is what I'm trying to do...


We have an advisory team at my workplace that is soliciting topics for site-wide improvement.  I have a list where all staff can submit and edit their own entries, with the advisory board able to edit workflows/outcomes, etc.  This is working fine for us using the "Item Level Permissions" options, but we would like to add a "Notes" field such that every employee can add their thoughts to the item submitted.


This would mean that we need three levels of permissions for the list items: a "Design" level edit access (the advisory team),  a "Contribute" level edit access where users can edit their own entries, and a "Contribute" level edit access where all users can edit an additional field.


Is something like this possible, or should we look into alternative means of handling this?


Thanks for any help you can provide.


 - Brian G.

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