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I have created a page and added the list web part to the page.
One of my columns is date. However it produces the date in the American style - today is 09/19/2019 for September 19th. Is there a setting I can change it to the non-American style - 19/09/2019?

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Hi @Rich_G10,


I believe the "List" web part gets the date format from the List, which in turn gets it from the sites "Regional settings".


Does your sites "Regional settings" match the date format you are trying to implement?


I changed my test site from English (Canada) - "MM/DD/YYYY" to English (Australia) - "DD/MM/YYYY" and the List web part works as expected.



I hope this helps.




@Norman YoungThank you!! That worked perfectly, Much appreciated.

@Norman YoungI do have one more question. It seems that we can not use the same date twice in the "List" web part. Is that right? It will not let us save an item to the list if has the same date as an existing item on the list. I must be doing something wrong!

@Rich_G10 check the list column definition and ensure that "Enforce unique values" is set to no.

@Norman YoungThank again!

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