Lists' views by content type - seems not working


Hi, does anyone is having this weird behavior?

Lists with more than one content type derived from Folder, and views created as default for each plus 1 for toor level. As we navigate through list's folders, the views set for those content types are not being switched automatically by SPO.


Here's an example: a list with 6 CTs derived from folder and 7 views, 1 is "All" for the root-level and the others are for each CT. As we navigate in the list, SPO remains showing the root-only view, don't swicth to other views...





ps: I've also set the "all items" view to show in "all" instead of "root level" and the behavior has been the same

ps2: Tina Chen (from MS in answers) was able to reproduce the behavior, as in "show in top-level folder" view is also available in lower


@Bruno Almeida 

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