Lists: views by content type doesn't work


Hi, a notice for all, since the matter is very used all around and is broken.


Some weeks ago we tried to use views created by content types and as top-level folder only as well in modern lists with more than one content type, and they were not working as documented / expected.


Then I created a related topic in in a try to confirm the issue with others ("show in top-level folder" view is also available in lower - Microsoft Community). Indeed, a MS agent was able to reproduce it and oriented us to create a support service request.


Fine. We've created a support request (#26524715) to MS via tenant central admin (A1 plan).

MS support was also able to reproduce the issue and confirmed there's some bug.

Nonetheless, instead of escalating the issue to the SPO product team, the "solution" returned was to us making a post in SPO "uservoice", so that in a "hope" product team would see (who knows when, since SPO uservoice seems a zombie site regarding product team) and start to fix the issue. Moreover, uservoice is intened to suggest new features and enhancements, not break-fix.


Since and now, such views in lists with more than one content type are not working and there's no fix.



@Mark Kashman, fyi

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Thanks for posting this. I also had created a support request on this a few weeks ago. I thought it was just my set up. I've been struggling with this for weeks
Being able to create content types and list views by CTs is one of the key decision points in favor to use SPO instead of other popular plattforms for data / lists. Awfull that MS is struggling to fix this as it seems several tenants have been reporting this issue.