Lists verses Forms for Branching LO Repository

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Hi there, I'm new to this community and wanted to tap into the expertise here. We are creating a repository for our faculty to share applied learning applications across the disciplines within our organization. Faculty will submit their work to share based on core themes (currently built as lists to allow filtering/grouping functionality within each). We would like to add unique branching logic into each form as submissions will vary depending on learning application type (among other things). Can you do branching in lists or should we be building out these in MS Forms (which seems way easier). What is the best solution? We want to be able to take advantage of the functionality of lists but also branch easily. Welcome your suggestions!  Thanks.

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@campbell_meg use Microsoft Forms for the front end so you can make use of branching (which doesn't exist in Lists). Then build a flow in Power Automate to get each response as it comes in and save it to your list.


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@Rob_Elliott Thank you so much for the response! This makes great sense. Thanks again!