Lists user permit - Hiding lines to selected users


Hello guys,


I am trying to do the following: I would like to have a list with several users with editing permit, but I need them to only read/edit selected items/lines. The point is that this selected items/lines are not only the ones created by them. So I need that user A can read/edit items/lines created by user A and user B, but not the ones created by user C, as an example. 


I cannot limit the access by item/line to each user, because there are too many lines to do it by hand.


Here goes my "not really strong" solution: the list (i) I am working to has a look up value that is linked with another list (ii). This linked list (ii) is a summary of projects and I can use those projects to limit the access of the users, so users A and B can only access to project 1, user C can only access to project 2, etc.


To make this happen I have done the following:


1) In the linked list (ii) I have limited the access (all access) to every project (item/line) to the users I want, so users A and B can only access to project 1, user C can only access to project 2, etc.

2) In the main list (i) I have a look up column to list (ii) with relationship behavior.

3) I created a view for the list (i) where you can only see the items if the look up column has content; it is not blank. In addition, I have deleted the rest of the views and let this one as the only one.

4) I remove the permits to create or edit any view.


I am not confident that this prevent to use a back door to access to the hidden data. Do you know if there is another way to do it? 


Thanks in advance.

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