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I'm working on a bigger list with some requirements on visibility and access to the data. We have (beside the admins) two user groups (site visitors):

* Group A: view permission, but not for all columns and no detail view for entries

* Group B: like A, but can edit own entries (with all columns)

I'm restricting the list already, so that only authors of an element can edit it, but the view issue is unclear to me.


My idea was to create two public views for this purpose:

* View 1: restricted view with  only few columns

* View 2: full view but directly filtered with [Me] to display only own entries


Now my question is: can someone from Group A, who has (as I think) no rights to edit the full entry still somehow the possibility to open it and view all the details? For example via a direct link or something? Or can (s)he manipulate the predefined view in a way to unhide the restricted columns?


If I run into "security issues" my plan B is to have a second - less detailed - list which is filled by a Flow when an entry in the main list is created/edited.


(Hope it's alle written clearly :smile:)


Greetings and thx for your help! :flushed:

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Unfortunately SharePoint does not support security at the field level so achieve what you want here is not going to be so easy. One alternative could be to customize the list forms with PowerApps so you can control fields visibility depending on specific conditions