Lists intermittently showing zero data

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Good evening,


I inexplicably receive this message that there are no items in a list that DOES indeed have data in it that I have been using for years (other users I ask can see data, but I cannot for whatever reason).


In the screenshots, you will see I show data in the list at 4:25PM PST, I refresh my screen 1 minute later, and zero content now. The same issue occurs after clearing Chrome cache, using Incognito, and using a different browser all together. What is happening?? 


05.01.2023 - 1.png05.01.2023 - 2.png



Thank you in advance for your input, 

Morghan C.

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Sorry, I should have added, this is the 2nd list in a week I have noticed this with. The issue seems to have started recently.