Lists: Import or Copy&Paste Rows to Managed Metadata Columns

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Hi -- Trying to paste content in Lists into Managed Metadata Columns gives an error which requires each cell to be edited manually.


I tried to download the field when entered in Lists directly to Excel and I noticed that it is displayed as follows:

I tried using the Number-Symbol string (e.g. 4;#) as well but it leads to the same error.


Any ideas other ways to do the job described below? Thanks.

-Use Case
In our offers we create longer lists of deliverables. Once won, the lists should go to a cross-project deliverable tracker. We started using Taxonomy Term Sets to keep a bit more order. Hence the List has Managed Metadata columns. So far, it was much easier to prepare the set of rows in a template Excel doing some things automatically. Copy&Paste a resulting set of rows always worked without Metadata columns.

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