Lists Formulas For Calculate Age From Date of Birth

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In the below list I have a column labeled 'DoB (Date of Birth)' and another column labeled 'Age". How do I make the calculated age based on the date of birth automatically populate the 'age' field?





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@jinibob   You can do this with JSON column formatting.  I tested this solution by @RobElliott and it worked perfectly.   Date calculation on SharePoint lists between today and a birthdate - Microsoft Tech Community  

  "$schema": "",
  "elmType": "div",
  "txtContent": "=floor((Number(@now)-Number([$DoB]))/(1000*60*60*24*12)/365*12)"



Thanks for the info. Where do I need to paste the above code that you have kindly provided?

Go to your column-> select the drop down (arrow pointing downwards) -> Column settings -> Format this column -> in popped up window, under format columns, select Advanced mode link at the bottom -> copy paste the json, Preview and Save

@jinibob Hi there,  here are some screen shots if it helps.


From the column view:



Select Column and click Advanced formatting



Then paste in the snippet  



Sounds like you are just getting into column formatting with JSON- so exciting.   Here's a great resource-  List-Formatting/view-samples at master · pnp/List-Formatting · GitHub






@jinibob Addition to above all responses, Here's Microsoft official documentation on this topic which might help you:

Use column formatting to customize SharePoint 


Note: column (JSON) formatting only customizes display of list view to show the formatted value. It does not store/save actual value in column. So, you will not be able to apply sort/filter based on these values in list view.

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