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If the tasks in the “planner” could be much more customizable, I'd use “planner”, however, the tasks are too rigid, not customizable enough, so I'm forced to use lists.


But how can I reproduce the native behavior of “planner”: have a global list, with members only see the tasks to which they are assigned?


I see two approaches.


1) Define a master list containing a “team” column, define a list in each team, then synchronize the items in each list, update them when modified, etc. with PowerAutomate.


Or :


2) Define lists in each team and build a global list from all items in each list.

Which is the better option? Is there another way of doing this?

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You could use Microsoft Project you can add customs properties to tasks within a project, it sycs with the new planner app and works well with copilot.
Another option which would provide further customisation to fit you specific needs would be to develop a custom power app based on dataverse data
Both of these options will Incurr additional costs but are probably the two best options

Thanks @Josh for your answer.

Microsoft Project is an option, you're right, but as you mention it, it seems to me that the cost is relatively high if we consider that we only need "task customization". Maybe I will give it a try and we will see if it worth the price.

I really like the idea of the second option, bug keeping things up-to-date seems to be the hard part (especially if we want to change the structure of all the "sub-lists", or add a new choice in a column...).
if you were to use a model driven app scalability and modifications are handled pretty well particularly with choice columns as you can use a global choice and you can add columns to you dataverse table and, with the right settings this would be automatically added to your forms. there's probably some very advanced templates for task/project tracking out there for power apps