List view does not load json formating

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I've created a list containing peoples holiday schedule. I wanted to show this in a calendar so I created a View for the list. Then base on a column of type Choise I want to colour the events in the calendar.

Here if is the list:


Here is the desired calendar view:


I formatted this with JSON as fallows:

"$schema": "",
"additionalEventClass": {
"operator": ":",
"operands": [{
"operator": "==",
"operands": [
"Waiting Approval"
"=if(@isSelected == true, 'sp-css-color-WhiteFont sp-css-backgroundColor-BgDarkRed' , 'sp-css-backgroundColor-BgCoral sp-css-color-CoralFont')+' sp-field-fontSizeSmall'",
"=if(@isSelected == true, 'sp-css-color-WhiteFont sp-css-backgroundColor-BgGreen' , 'sp-css-backgroundColor-BgMint sp-css-color-LightMintFont')+' sp-field-fontSizeSmall'"
My problem is that when I first open the list in this view (as default) the formatting is not displayed. And after I switch between views the formatting starts working.

How can I fix this, is there something wrong with my JSON code?
Thanks in advance. 
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@MilanNikolic I have the same here! When I go directly to the url of the desired view, then the json code doesn't work completely, it seems. If I first go to the default view and then via the menu to the desired view, everything is visible. However, when I click refresh, part of the formatting disappears again. Any ideas yet?

@MilanNikolic Solved my problem: 


In "Edit current view" of the relevant view, not all necessary columns were selected. I can imagine that when calling the view directly, this did not load all the underlying data.

@JohanBokhorst This is a known behavior of JSON formatting in SharePoint.


If you are referencing any list column in JSON (for example: [$Status]), you have to include/show this column (Status) in list view else JSON formatting will not work as expected.

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