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Is it possible to consider a way to allow for version of a full list?  I know that you can select an older version of a record within a SharePoint list, but if someone makes a few would be nice to be able to recover an older version of the list.  


I'm currently spending a lot of time replacing records from a back up I made and now the ID sequence has changed and I was using to make changes in a flow to another list where I carried the ID across in another column.







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I cannot think of anything other than frequent back ups. You can export your list to excel and create your own back up copy periodically. You have the option to restore/create new list based on your exported excel data.

@Bharath Arja 


Thanks for your response. those are excellent suggestions.


I was hoping that it might be something that the MicroSoft SharePoint Team might consider moving forward.  I think it would have some huge benefits.  


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