List Value Shows Blank When it Isn't

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I added a new record to a list and set a value for one of the fields, but the field shows blank. When I go to edit the field, it shows the value. As soon as I click out of it, it's blank again.

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what's the type of the field? can you include some screenshots?


This is a single line of text.


Here is how it looks:



I go in to edit the text field by clicking, and as soon as I do, it shows the value that's already there.





Replacing the value and clicking out, the value shows blank.



Hello, this is still an issue with additional records in the list. Anyone know why this is occuring?

This is still an issue

Hello IPC_ahaas,

Which one is a type of column? can you share the column edit screen short?

@khushbu This is a "Single line of text" column