List Search isn't allowing for any text input

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Morning Guys,


I've come in this week to a new problem across all lists created on our SP site and I was wondering if.


A.)  Anybody has had this issue themselves or it might be a newly introduced bug

B.)  If anybody knows why this might be happening


Across all of the lists created on our Sharepoint site in the last week or so when you go to click into the Search Box itself it simply blanks leaving nothing in there not even a blinking cursor to input text or the usual 'Search this List'




If you attempt to type anything within this Search box it just goes to the 'Share This List' screen and doesn't input any text.


I've verified this same issue across multiple devices and browsers so I'm a little stumped as to what might be happening here.


Any help would be massively appreciated.



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I just tested this on our SharePoint online tenant and I am not able to reproduce this issue.


Note: I am using targeted release tenant.


If you have access to another SharePoint tenant, you can try testing this scenario on it and if the issue occurs only for specific SharePoint tenant, I will suggest you to raise a support ticket with Microsoft directly: Get M365 Support - Online Support 

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We are experiencing the same issue with several employees in the EMEA region. Issue persists across multiple browsers and different devices.