List row level security - user groups see only rows assigned to their business area

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Hi there,


Does anyone know please how (if possible) to achieve row level security on a SharePoint list so that for example, only users in user group x can see list items assigned to business area x, only users in user group y can see list items assigned to business area y, etc.? I have a business area choice column in the list I'm hoping to leverage.


I'd love a way to achieve this for maintenance purposes - to avoid having one list per business area (will be over 20) and therefore avoiding having multiple Power Apps, Power Automate flows, Power BI integrations, etc.


Thanks in advance.

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I do not have any solution but have been facing the issue a couple times as well. Would be really interested to hear a solution.


@cmurray1 for now, maybe list workflows like described in this video would help you in the meantime? It will for sure work with individuals, just not sure how to map people to business area then.

hi @cmurray1 ,


Perhaps you have found a solution for your problem?

Our team is wondering if it possible to SP list row's access for specific groups based on the country column (for example, people added to the SharePoint group "UK", can only see rows where country column's value is "UK".

@mantas180 @cmurray1 Have you found a solution? I have the same need!



Hi all,

No, unfortunately I didn't manage to find a solution in time and ended up going with a cumbersome, manual business process. Still interested if anyone knows how to do this.


Hi @cmurray1 , @Cris80 , 


Found the following tutorial helpful: Power Automate SharePoint Permissions and Security - Grant, Remove, and inherit with Flow - YouTube


Also, built the flow that seems to work:)