List or Embed web part to full width

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Is it possible to increase the webpart size to full width in? I am trying to do it for Embed webpart.


How can this be achieved. Having a lot of whitespace on the right doesnt look good. Screenshot attached.







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Customizations in WebParts are limited to the settings panel they incorporate

@Juan Carlos González Martín  Thanks but it doesnt allow to increase/change width of webpart.  Seeking answer on if its possible and how to achieve it

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@hazza365 it's not possible to make it full width. A web part will always be the size that's allowed by the section/column it is in. In order to use up some of the white space on the right I use a vertical column.




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@RobElliottThank you :)

Struggling with same issue.  Embed web part works, and displays a .docx file, but it does so with a hideous huge white border around the actual document.  the iframe frameborder="0" seems to have no effect.  Any suggestions?  Why would anyone think such a huge border is a good idea?