List/Library 5000 item No Folder View

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Hello all.


My company regularly uses no folder views when adding documents to a document library or list items to a list.  For example, a library might have 100 folders with subfolders, but we like to look at all of the documents at once as a "master library" so we can filter down to the files or items we want to see.


Recently we have started passing the 5000 threshold and I would like to know if there is a way that we can still use the "no folder" view that we have been accustomed to?  


Please help.  Thank you!

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FWIW I noticed today in User Voice a request to remove that 5000 item limit and Microsoft has it marked as "Working on it"

Don't hold your breath. The 5000 limit originates from the underlying database system. It might be useful to start looking into adding indexes or making optimal use of search in the interim period.

@Paul de Jong & All,

If there is an indexed column within a list of 5000+ records, can it be used to filter when attaching list metadata to a document in a document library?  

Example, my list is 6000+ records of deal names, they are divided into 6 markets.  The 'Markets' column is indexed. 

2020-10-13 11_08_47-Window.jpg

I'm attaching the deal names from this list to documents in the library.  Can I configure 'Market' as a filter that will then allow me to view the less than 5000 building names in the list?