List item conversation area not opening in MS Teams

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Hi All,

The list item conversation area is not opening in MS Teams.

I've added the list tab to a  team, selected existing list, copy/paste the list url.
All works correctly except that when editing the list item and clicking on  "Conversation" , the conversation area doesn't open.




It does open in SharePoint or in the MS List app but it doesn't open in MS Teams.


I've cleared cache, rebooted my laptop, removed the list and added again , signed off to no avail.

Have someone else experienced this issue?

Thank you for your help.

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Do you mean the commments panel for a list item? Lists comments visualization in Teams is quite new and this issues might happen. Conversation just open the converation part of Teams and not the comments panel

@Juan Carlos González Martín 

This happened with me as well. My organization uses this functionality of list items from SharePoint linked to a channel/team in MS Teams for over 900+ users and it stopped working on 10/11/2021. It has been working for over this past year with no issues, prior this this date. IT & MS Admin team for my company is engaged but still no resolution. 




Hi @ngable1 , thanks for replying. 

I was doing more testing today and realized that if the list is created directly in MS teams , the conversation tab opens up with no issues. But for those lists that are created in a SharePoint site and then added to a MS team channel, the conversation area does not open.

Not sure if this is a temporary issue. If I find something else I'll update the post.

No, it is not the comments, I was referring to the "conversation" panel, which is highlighted on the screenshot added to the post.
I'm wondering if this issue is caused by the "comments" feature that s rolling out?

@Olga Melo Thanks! My list was created inside a team but then linked it to 10 other MS teams who use the same list and filter down to their regions. My original list, conversation tab works like you said it would, in the original team only . Hope it get's fixed soon!


Do you have an update or progress on getting these conversations to change when selecting a different list item? @ngable1 

Did your IT team come up with something I can try? It'd be nice if nothing else just to have the convo tab close automatically when you change list items, as it functions now it's a nightmare. 

@Olga Melo I'm having the same issue in the conversation pane. I notice that when moving away from the tab, and revisiting the tab that contains the list solves, the issue. Also for me it only happens on the list-items that I've just created (list-items that were created prior to visiting the tab do not have this issue). The issue popped up right around the time remarks got introduced.