List Issue - Column not Available in Form

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I have had this issue multiple times within Sharepoint. 

  • I am in a view.
  • I create a new column.
  • I verify through Edit Current View that the column is selected for this view. 
  • When I open an item to edit - the column is not available. 
  • When I Edit Form to add the column to the item edit pane, it isn't even available to select.


See photos below. Culprit is the Status column:


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Hi @ZachJayy 


it's possible, that you have more then one content type?

You need to add the column to the used content type.


More about content types:


Regards, Dave

David, I do not have access to the sharepoint admin center and am not familiar with content types. I have never had an issue like this before.

Hello @ZachJayy 


you can check it on your site and list. On your list, you can check the content types and the columns:


And here are more clean information about content type:


Regards, Dave


Thinking this might be related, attempted what was outlined here, and quickly discovered there is something deeper happening here. It appears to have something to do with "Synch," since that is where it is apparently perpetually stuck.

Initially, I was unable to add new columns to a form for one list, but then, was able to the next day.

I just encountered this same problem on another list.

Attempted to just delete the column and it would not delete.

Found that it would delete from List Settings, so did so.

Added column again through List Settings and told it to add the column to the default view.

It did not and so I manually added from the List View.

Went back to check on that and it showed that I had added a column named "GH%20SITE%20VISITED"

The actual name of the field was "GH Site Visited" and that is how the choice appeared, when I first added it to the list view. Now that it was added, it was showing that crazy name.

Checked again to see if I could add it to the form. I cannot. It is not an option.

All this while, I forgot to look at one thing, the little icon that indicates it is "Synching Changes."

What is happening here?

Hello @jusTodd


it's a little bit difficult from away. 


But one thing - see Tip 3 from @JoanneCKleinMicrosoft

Tip 3: Avoid spaces in column names

ALWAYS create columns without spaces in the name.


Best, Dave

Thanks @David Mehr .


It is really strange that in 10 years of using SharePoint, I have never encountered anything like this ... even using spaces in column names all that time.