List Issue - Column not Available in Form

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I have had this issue multiple times within Sharepoint. 

  • I am in a view.
  • I create a new column.
  • I verify through Edit Current View that the column is selected for this view. 
  • When I open an item to edit - the column is not available. 
  • When I Edit Form to add the column to the item edit pane, it isn't even available to select.


See photos below. Culprit is the Status column:


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Hi @ZachJayy 


it's possible, that you have more then one content type?

You need to add the column to the used content type.


More about content types:


Regards, Dave

David, I do not have access to the sharepoint admin center and am not familiar with content types. I have never had an issue like this before.

Hello @ZachJayy 


you can check it on your site and list. On your list, you can check the content types and the columns:


And here are more clean information about content type:


Regards, Dave