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Probably an old question but can you create a folder to store lists used in Power Apps?  I'd like to group the lists used in power apps to specific folders in SharePoint instead of having them all listed under site contents.

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Hi @bfry2461,


Lists are individual entities (just like "Document Library" is an entity) and cannot be stored/grouped inside a folder.

Site contents will list all the entities separately, always.


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Hi @bfry2461 ,

In "Site Contents"? No.

If you want to order/group your lists you could  rename your lists so that all lists belonging to a certain group start with the same prefix (like "Accounting - Contacts" and "Accounting - Invoices").

Or you could add all your lists to the site navigation and order them there using headings as "folders".

I usually create a custom SitePage on sites with many lists.

Here I list all lists on that site and describe what their indended use was and who should have access. That is a manual process, but a great documentation.

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