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I have a list in an SPO subsite. It was created from the Microsoft Lists page on a task list template, and customized. Items are added in three ways: manually; a Flow from Exchange e-mail; and a Flow from Exchange tasks. When items are added by either Flow, certain fields in the list are left blank, because the source data does not contain the necessary information. I would like to apply conditional formatting to those items to make it quicker to find them and complete the information manually. I can't find any way to complete a condition for a null value. I don't know JSON, so I'm trying to use the natural language dialog. I've tried two single quote marks without a space between them; I've tried the word 'empty' inside parentheses; neither works. (It doesn't matter whether the entire line or just the one field is conditionally formatted.) Is it possible to do?

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@Joseph Nierenbergon modern sites you are able to use column formatting option.


Also steps which you may takes are to highlight whole row :
Click column header >Column settings>Format this column

then choose Format view>Conditional formatting
Then you can define your rules where under the Values filed there is an option (Empty)


This way you can format you column without any JSON


There is no option (Empty).
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@Joseph NierenbergMaybe depends on the column type 



, if there is no option (Empty) then leave it blank. Always you can do workaroud and if the item is created by the flow just insert - (dash) and the you can use it as a filter in you column formatting. Dash can be changed later on once the item is edited.

"if the item is created by the flow just insert - (dash) and the you can use it as a filter"
@MarekSkalinski Of course! Thank you. Works well.

Such a great easy workaround - thank you! @Joseph Nierenberg