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We're getting an odd limitation when attempting to @tag users on our Sharepoint Lists. As a site owner and tenant user I can only see and select other tenant user accounts (it appears to be polling our tenant's entire directory rather than site or list membership). However our external guest users (which due to the nature of this project make up the majority of our site members) can see and tag both each other and our internal users, which is what I'd expect to be the standard behaviour.


Is this a known limitation or is there a way I can fix this so that I and other tenant members can tag our guest users in comments? It's a frustrating limitation as we can't easily reply to comments within Lists without this.


I've tried adding guest users as a contact in my own address book but this doesn't resolve anything, and I'm not sure what else to try.


Many thanks

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@TimHunt I have observed the same behavior in my tenant previously. I think this is a known limitation of SharePoint list comments.

You cannot @mention the external/guest users in list comments.

ReferenceSharePoint Online/Microsoft Lists: @mention people in list comments 


You can also raise a support ticket with Microsoft from admin center.

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@ganeshsanap thank you - it does seem a very odd limitation though when our guests can @mention each other successfully (and us members). Hopefully it's something being worked on!

It's a known limitation:
@mentions does not work with guest or external accounts (you cannot @mention such accounts nor can such accounts @mention in files outside of their tenant).

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