Links to modern Events page are 'restricted access' despite new and existing guest setting


Calling out to the community for help.

I've just discovered that links to 'Events' pages from modern Event calendar are considered "Restricted link - Only specific people can open this link" despite our tenant and the site having things set to allow external users + sharing set to new & existing users + default link type also set the same.


This means we can't provide a direct link to the event item in emails that we send out to all of our staff, some of whom are considered 'guests' on our main tenant due to our organisation structure.


Hoping someone has found a work around for this issue - apart from giving all the guest users direct permission on specific event items.


Note that if they come into our site first they can click through to the item via the Event web part without issue - it's just links in emails that are returning guest users an 'Access denied' message.


Any suggestions would be most appreciated

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