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If I have shared a link to external companies containing folders they need to see from our sharepoint, and then we update some documents in those folders, should the sharepoint link previously sent update and show them the newest versions or does it just show what was previously saved in the link?

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Depends what you've shared.   A share action, whether it grants read or edit rights make a change to the underlying permission model.  If you've shared a folder, than any item within it will inherit those permissions and thus be visible including when they're edited and changed.

Hi @naomiholdengalliford 


If the link is to the folder then the users will see the latest version of the files when you updated them, Its the same as a link to an individual file, the link is to the latest version of the file not to the version at the time the link was created.


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Hi@Andrew Hodges 

Thanks for replying.

I sent the link to an external company then I updated the files with a newer version and when we rang the external company to see if the link had update with the latest version they were still seeing the previous one.  Do you know why this has happened?


There could be several things to check here: -

  1. Do the timestamps on what they're viewing match what you can see?
  2. Ask them to clear their browser cache and try again
  3. When the new documents were refreshed, were they done via OneDrive Sync?  The syncc agent can't upload upload any open documents, so maybe check that.  If the customer is on Win-7, ask them to check their Upload centre to ensure an unsaved copy locally isn't preventing them from viewing the updates in the software client
  4. Are you using content approval? Might the documents need to be approved by the author before they're visible?