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Hi all, 

I'm all new to sharepoint and trying to create a site/portal which will be used as some kind of database for products, vendors, and possibly later also storage-locations within our company. 
To shape this, i'd like to take the following approach: 
First, a List about products used in our company, in this example a screwdriver is listed: 

ProductProductNumber internalManufacturerManufacturer ProductNumberNotes
PZ2 ScrewdriverEX123Gedore6684190Good screwdriver for this or that Lorum Ipsum

Than, a seperate list with all vendors used/known within our company: 

VendorCityEmailDelivery-agreementsContact Person
ABC-Toolmaster.comStockholmABC@Example.comDelivery always carriage-paidElvis Presley
XYZ-Tools.comNew YorkXYZ@example.comDelivery always within 24hKelly Monroe
SuperOfficeSupplies.comLos AngelesSTU@Example.comDelivery always on FridayJohn Doe

Now the tricky part, i'd like to make a connection between these two lists. Example situation: 
Our purchaser sees need to buy (internal)product number EX123 (which is a Gedore 6684190 screwdriver). For this, he looks at the productlist and then should be able to see that this product is available either from vendor, with their price and vendor-productnumber, but also from vendor with their respective price and vendor-productnumber.  

That said, i'd like to make a reference containing data from both tables, and some extra info (vendor-productnumber, price, etc.). Offcourse this info should be entered when creating a new product. 

I'm not really getting how to implement this without having double-data or limited amount of vendors per product, hoping anyone over here could point me in the right direction on how to accomplish this. 

Thanks in advance!

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I'm still struggling with this, anyone who could give some clue on how to achieve this linking? 

@fietstasss I suggest doing this with Power Apps.


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Could you clarify on this? How would PowerApps help me in saving these multiple vendor+uniqueInfo per product?

@fietstasss because you can have multiple data sources - the 2 SharePoint lists in your scenario. Then with a gallery or data table you can select the item from the first list and filter the second list by your selection. Much like Access used to do.


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Intranet, SharePoint, Website and Power Platform Manager (and classic 1967 Morris Traveller driver)


Thanks for your reply. 

I get your point, but the issue is that we need some kind of 3rd data/info to be stored. 

At the 'crossing point' between a Vendor and Product, we want to store info like the Vendor-specific retail-id/purchase number, and perhaps also the price and URL they use for this product. 


This means that 1 product can have multiple vendors, with each their own price, retail-id and URL/weblink. 


Plain said, i should make a new list for each product which then lists all combinations applicable for that product, containing the available vendors with each their own dataset (containing retail-id, price, URL). 


Another option would be to add a fixed number of columns to each product in the 'ProductList' to make it possible to list each vendor and their dataset, but this would result in a limited number of vendors per product. 


Both don't seem a valid option, so there's the gap i'm looking for to fill in. 
Hope this makes the option a bit clearer, any help is appreciated!

Thanks for sharing this info! It really helped me out