Link to Nintex form from non home site gives error

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Our problem:

We created a Nintex workflow based on a list in one Team Sharepoint Site.

Clicking the + button in the list opened up the Nintex form.

In another SharePoint site we wanted to give users a button to launch the Nintex form.


When we copied the URL of the form and put it into SharePoint online as a link, or as a Modern Page list of links, the link worked after the first time the page was published. After editing the page again, or the text around the link, the link gave a correlation ID.




The problem was that when we edited the link we copied had already been URL encoded and was in the following form:


When the SharePoint page was edited the second time the URL changed so that the semi colon became %3b :


So when you click on the link you get the correlation ID.


The fix for this is to take the URL from the browser for your Nintex form, and replace all & with & then use that for links in other SharePoint pages.


Happy to hear from other people who have found a better way to do this. I found it really hard to find anything about this in the Nintex documentation.




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This worked! If you are still online, I cannot thank you enough. You could rephrase it as if you have &, remove the amp;.