Link to a template in a SharePoint online document library

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How to have a link or generate a link which will create a new pdf or Word or PowerPoint file  which has been added as a template inside a document library of a SharePoint Online site. That link could be used elsewhere on the site as a quick link which would help users to use the same template of any one of the above document type that keeps getting auto created and saved every time anyone clicks on that link.

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@Vaibhavv Hi,

Any luck? we need exactly the same thing






Looking for the same. I have a document library with 2 excel templates. I want to make a tile menu on a SharePoint page that opens the excel templates directly and saves it to the document library the template is added to.


Any luck?

Looking for the same.


Use this method:


this is further documented here:

*UPDATE: This does not work for PDF documents

@d_mcneil I think I'm missing a step as any links I'm trying to create in SharePoint must begin with "http" How do I use this method to create a link to open the template as New document?

Thanks for any help!