Link Power BI to SharePoint and update SharePoint list

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I am trying to find out that i have a SharePoint list but some of the field is empty and i want to link my power Bi and automatically update those field by looking computer service tag. 


I have attached the picture please advice.


i have the service tag in the SharePoint list so after that it goes to power bi and look for that service tag and in Sharepoint which ever field is empty it will fill those field automatically.

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Akash...within Power BI create a new field and then you can specify an If...then statement to determine if the field is populated or not.


Power BI won't update the fields in SharePoint automatically, it's a reporting platform.  You can accomplish the updating with PowerShell or a calculated field.

Today, You can also create an APP that updates SharePoint and run it from inside a Power BI Report, it works.

@Andres_MartinezI've been trying to find information about this method. Can you point me to a good description of how you would do that?


There are you tube videos available which shows how to write back data into source from Power BI. it normally used Power Apps platform to do that. This also helps in near real time reporting.