Link between excel files


Hello guys,

I have a "bug" with Excel and SharePoint Online. At least, I hope it's a bug. 


I have a master file which is linked to another file to retrieve some data. To make it more clear, I open both files within OneDrive :

- In the master file, I select a cell then I put " = " in the cell 


- I click in the target file for and on the cell I need 

In the master file, Excel put a reference like : [XLS-Source.xlsx]Feuil1'!A3


When I close, then reopen the master file, the reference changes with the local filepath : ='C:\Users\xxxxxxx\OneDriveRep\rep1\[XLS-Source.xlsx]Feuil1'!A3


Before my migration, I dit some tests. I'm almost sure excel was saving a URL … something like : ='[XLS-Source.xlsx]Feuil1'!A3


Has anyone encountered the same issue ? Is there a workaround ?



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Ok, I did some tests again.

It appears that there are no issue when both files are within the same repository. Excel changes the filepath with a URL and the link works fine. 

With different repository, Excel uses the filepath with the "C" drive :(