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I have a Column in a SharePoint List for 'Reason customer cancelled Order'. 

My Choice column has a pre-set number of options (around 10) which detail reasons why customers might cancel. (E.g. 'Product not available in the right colour', 'Long delivery times', 'Bought from competitor').

I want to limit the number of maximum choices someone can pick using Column Validation to 3 choices max. (E.g. Someone can then tag the order being cancelled for the reasons of 'Long delivery times' & 'Bought from competitor'). 

I don't want to create three different Choice columns each maxed at 1 choice entry as this is not compatible for a good user experience when inputting data into the List. 


Any help would be appreciated if anyone knows what the correct code for validation would be! 

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Hello @GeorgieBu 


Power Apps would also be an option, as this logic can be mapped more easily.


Best, Dave

@David Mehr 

I understand PowerApps would be able to offer much more flexibility, but in this instance, we are looking to complete as much as possible within just SharePoint / Lists. I was hoping their would be a sort of MAX function that could be easily coded.

@GeorgieBu  it can also be sone in Microsoft Forms if you send the customer a survey. Forms has the ability to limit the number of choice options selected.


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