Limitations in SharePoint's term store

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Under the "Managed metadata" section of the SharePoint limitations page the following is currently written:
"1 million total terms, having a total of 2 million term labels and 1 million term properties (these limits are for global & site-level terms combined). 1,000 global term sets and 1,000 global groups."
What I however do not clearly understand are these questions:

  1. How many local term sets and local term set groups are allowed, i.e. term sets that are only applicable to a specific site collection (in the text above it only mentions the limitations on the global term sets)?
  2. If you reuse/pin a term in different term sets, are they considered as multiple terms or just one term?
  3. You can have 1 million terms but 2 million term labels. Are term labels here the same as "Other labels", so in average a term can have one additional "Other label"?
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For anyone that might be interested in the answers to the questions that I posted, here they are:
- The limitation on the number of term sets and term set groups are both 1,000, regardless if they are global or local (only on a site level).
- Any reused or pinned terms are not counted into the limitation of 1 million terms.
- The limitation regarding term labels (2 million) is related to language variations, so if you have 1 million terms, your term store is configured for 2 language and each term is defined in these languages, then you will have 2 million term labels.