Limitation of migrating around 250 TB of files from file shares to SharePoint online

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I am working with a client who have 10 network drives each of average size of 25 TB . so now we want to migrate all those files from the file Shares to SharePoint online, so can we migrate around 250 TB of data to SharePoint online?

Currently we are planning to upload all the data to a single site collection, and we are planning to use the Microsoft migration tool





So will this work? or we will face issues since we are going to migrate 250 TB to a single site collection? and if this will not work, then is there any workarounds?


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It won't work: a single site collection can store up to 25 TB. Additionally, to migrate all that data you will need to have 250 TB of space available in the tenant...some other things to consider: be carefully when migrating more that 100.000 documents from te file share to a destinantion document librarie: it could fail

@Juan Carlos González Martínok then we need to split the files over multiple sites so each site will not exceed the 25 TB .. this should be fine, or i am missing something?.


Second question, we can purchase 250 TB this should not be an issue, am i correct?


Third question, as i know that SharePoint document library can hold up to 30 million documents, so why i need to worry about 100.000 documents, can you elaborate more please?