Limit on autosuggest in lookup fields?

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We're using Sharepoint Online, and have a problem with our lookup lists. The case is as follows:


We have one list with around 82000 posts (called "Products"). It has an index on one of the columns (called "Product ID"). When I do searches in the list everything works as intended.

Product ID is used as lookup column in another list (called "Returns"). The intention is that one is supposed to start typing a product ID, and get suggestions based on the Product IDs in Products.

The problem here is that, only Product IDs from about the first 25000 posts comes up as suggestions. If I start to type a value that matches a product ID that has a higher row count than this, it won't be matched. However, if I click "more results" it will be displayed.

My questions here are:

  • Is this a known limit?
  • Is it possible to adjust the limit, in that case how?

Worth mentioning is maybe that the values in Products has been populated via PnP Powershell. (Shouldn't make any difference, but may be good to know).

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@JimGr I think this is by design in SharePoint and you cannot make any changes to this limit via any available settings in SharePoint.

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Ok, I see. We have to live with it :).

(Sorry for the late reply)