limit external domain sharing and guest


i have tenant level settings which limit a few domains and have multiple guest users created for these few domains.


now, i created a new sharepoint site and would like to limit to 1 particular domain and only new and existing guest users for that domain. my settings are as below.


IMG_1332 (1).JPG


for that new sharepoint site, i am able share to new guest users from that domain which is correct. however, i still can share with existing guests from other domains (at tenant level) even though i limit to that 1 particular domain. 


can sharepoint limit the existing guest sharing for that domain per site?

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The sharing per site settings should allow you to set a different sharing settings compared with the settings at the tenant level, but taken into account what you have added there. So for instance is sharing with is not possible at the tenant level, it's not going to be possible either at the site level where you can add additional domains you don't want users to share with