Limit creation of sites to specific users

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Is there a way to specify specific users that can create a site?  Or is it either all users or non?

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Yes, you can restrict site creation in the SPO Admin Center and then you can configure Groups creation in Office 365 by means of an Azure AD Policy

Hi Juan,


I know we can restrict site creation based on all or none, but can one restrict site (not group) creation to specific users?


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What Juan is referring to is the method detailed here:


It will apply to Communication sites, as they are group-based, however I'm not sure whether it will apply to "regular" sites. According to the help text in the admin portal, it will not:


Users who don't have permission to create Office 365 groups can still create new team sites without the Office 365 group.
Hi Vasil,

I understand about Group restrictions, but as you mention it does not apply for regular site only creation. So with the new admin center, I can turn off "site creation" for all or none. So question still stands if I can set site creation only for a specific set of users.