Library View showing link to edit filters in library view settings

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I've just created a new filtered view on my library, and it now shows a link to the library view settings in order to view and edit the filters. I've never seen this message/link show before and is absolutely HORRIBLE. Is this a change that Microsoft have just implemented?




What a user would see when they click on the link. We absolutely do NOT want users going into here.



Hoping someone can shed some light as to whether or not this is a permanent change that Microsoft have just introduced. I haven't seen any notification of this change in the message center or Microsoft roadmap.

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The message should only appear to users who can edit the view if users shouldn't be able to edit it the permission should be removed, I believe contribute permissions allows the viewing and editing of docs without altering views and settings
Yea we did some testing and found the same. However, I was asking more about when and why this was introduced by Microsoft (announcement, roadmap, etc.). We don't want this even for people with Edit permissions (which is the default for members) - but unfortunately, it's just appeared across our tenant (we have more than 95k sites).

I don't see any usefulness this change brings. If I've created the view, then I already know how to go in and edit it if required. Why would we want all of our users with Edit permissions to get a link to the view settings - just doesn't make sense - as with a lot of Microsoft updates/new features these days.