Legal Blackline with Versioning

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I'm not sure whether to post this here or in the OneDrive discussions but it happens the same way using either entity. Our legal team was using the Blackline function in word through SharePoint/OneDrive's Version history as I understand it. From what they can see when doing the process this way Word compares their document versions backward. 


"Word is comparing the versions backwards.  If Version 1 is the original document and Version 3 is the revised document, word is treating version 3 as the original and 1 as the revised. We are having to find a stand alone copy of the prior version, save it as a stand alone document, save our new version as a stand alone document, and then run a comparison of the version in reverse to get the right document."


I'm trying to figure out why this would suddenly happen and if there is a way to get the process to work how our legal team was able to use it previously. Any help or direction is appreciated.

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