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Hi Everyone. Is it possible to create a dynamic site in Sharepoint so if i choose in a drop down example my working role or in another country or subject. I can below see trainings that applies to me. I have merges 2 images what i would like it to look like



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@JonasT2  if you are only using SharePoint you can use connected web parts so that when an item is selected from  one list the related items appear in another list web part, for example the image below has a village chosen from the list on the right and then on the left is displayed a map and video of the village and a Trip Advisor list of the restaurants there.




 But that's harder to make look really good and similar to what you are looking for.


So would suggest that you have a list in SharePoint of the training for each job role or location or whatever criteria you want and then you build the front end in Power Apps where you can have a combobox to select the job role which then displays a gallery of the relevant training for that job.


For example, here is my list with the job role being a multi-select choice column:



You can then build a Power App with a combobox to select the job role(s) and a gallery with the required training that is filtered by the combobox selection:








You could add the app into your SharePoint page using the Power Apps web part.


As you can tell, I didn't spend any time making the app look good! But you can see it in action on the attached video.


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