Latest thinking displaying SharePoint version number in a Word document

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This seems to very unreliable or unpredictable. [Many years ago, I think it used to work fine - I sued it].

There are various incantations out there involving the using {Version} or {_UIVersionString} in Information management policy settings (having enabled) it and using label from Quickparts. Some say you need to make a content type for the library, other don't think this is necessary.

Some report that the whole feature is deprecated.

So can it be done in the lates version of everything? (Please don't link me back to one of the many old articles describing a method unless you are using it an up to date environment and it works)

At the moment I have some documents that sometimes work and sometimes don't with docuemtns in the same library using the same template behing differently  - a randomness I hate - I cant even build a reliable truth table for what makes it work or not: it's like a table lamp with a loose flex, flickering on and off.

I keep think there must be an easier way to do this - surely we can't be the only orgnaisation who wants the same version number as the user sees in SharePoint as a field in the footer or the Word document?
Why doe sversion (the column that appears when you enable version control) simply not appear as a document property or a field in Word? (Is there a way to add it without lables? Although the option to control the document information panel in word seems to have gone.)

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