LastContentModifiedDate using PowerShell not equal to actual date in SharePoint Admin

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I've created a report using PowerShell to get an overview of inactive SharePoint Sites using the LastContentModifiedDate property of the SharePoint object.




But when I compare the date to the last modified in the SharePoint Admin I'm getting a different date.
It looks like the LastContentModifiedDate is nog reflecting the correct date.

Tried this on different Tenants and SharePoint sites. Is this correct of is there a better way to get the Last-Content-Modified date using powershell?

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@Istvan Ybema 

Apparently that date gets update by some kind of timer job.
You can find the correct date with the LastItemUserModifiedDate property of the web object.


$oWeb = Get-PnPWeb -Includes LastItemUserModifiedDate
$oContentModifiedDate = $oWeb.LastItemUserModifiedDate