last movement of the Planner in Sharepoint Online

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Is any possibility to put last movements / last actualizactiones of Planner in our Sharepoint page?

How can I do it?

Thank you a lot 

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@ania_roh You can use Planner web part in SharePoint to show the planner board or charts and work with your plan right on your SharePoint page.


However, you cannot customize this web part if you want. You can only select the existing plan (or create one) & the display (chart or board) from web part settings. 


Also, the Planner web part is available only on group-connected Team sites. 

DocumentationUse the Planner web part 


If you want any customized solution, you have to develop it using SPFx. You can work with planner data using Microsoft graph.

Documentation: Use the Planner REST API 


Here's one sample SPFx web part which works with Planner data & might help you to get started with: My Tasks 

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