Label definitions visible? CommandBar_PageSettings, PagePublishedDateText, CommandBar_Edit

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See title + screenshot.


Sometimes I get these weird descriptions on our Sharepoint CommandBar_PageSettings, PagePublishedDateText, CommandBar_Edit), and they dissapear somehow from time to time. Anybody experienced this and would know the reason for appearing of these?


I have the feeling that these appear when a certain user (with admin-right) creates new News-items, but I'm not sure.


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hi@Adrian_Goszczynski , no I didn't (where do you post these kind of things?), but also because after emptying the cache it dissapeared. 

I just posted (i did not see this post) - i am seeing the same thing. Other admin menus are affected as well

I have a World Clock web part that also has this problem. If you try adding the world clock web part, do you see similar issues ?
added the time-clock, and no issue there.
I have the feeling the behaviour depends on which user is loged-on on the site.
For example: in the Home-page app (Viva Connections) inside Teams I still see these labels (no editing available), but not in Edge. User with or withoud admin rights in Edge give same result without the labels visible.



I just got off the phone with Microsoft.  Found possibly something related: 


They are investigating.  I will let you know what they come back with




aha, great. Looking forward to your update :)
Still having an issue and waiting on Microsoft for help. However, did find something a little interesting.

I went in and deleted my cookies and site data from my Edge browser. Closed the browser, and opened a new one and went to my site again, and all was back to normal. I then refreshed the page 5 or 6 times, then the icons disappeared and the text showed as per your description above.

I have the exact same issue in one of my customers tenants (EDU). It is very annoying for user who don't know which menu item to pick, while editing and publishing pages.

Is Microsoft aware of this issue and working on it? Or do I have to open a support ticket?

Does anybody in this thread already found a solution?



I have a ticket in with Microsoft and spent a good chunk of yesterday with the tech on a remote session.  It looks like a backend issue.  Still has not been resolved for me yet.



Agree, the problem was observed on 2021-10-07 whereas it was working fine on 2021-10-06. No changes have been made to the tenant (by tenant administrators). Same App works fine in a dozen other tenants. In our case the CommandBar logic is broken but the ContextMenu works fine. Hope this is resolved soon. We have also put in a ticket. Cheers.

@Jeff Banks - if anyone is willing to provide the case ID number of the support issue they submitted, I can work off that. Best to keep it in the flow of the support case - and can add a few folks for awareness if they are not already involved. - Mark 

My issue was finally resolved today. The message I got from my support company was "the product group has rolled out a fix on your tenant" (I do not deal with MS support directly, we have support contract thru 3rd party - Keystone and Softchoice) . So far the issue seems to be resolved .

@daved3 Great news. We found that using a modified version of the App that only uses the CommandBar (instead of both CommandBar and ContextMenu) the buttons appear again. Having the tenant fixed of course is the best way forward.