KQL and custom properties

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I am looking to be pointed in the proper direction with being able to filter news results by a custom field. I've added a custom property to a pages library and would like to be able to filter by that custom property. I could not find how to filter by that property to KQL. Perhaps there is another way to do this and I am looking to just be able to filter to custom fields/columns/properties.


for example the custom property would be League with options for major sports leagues. The query I am trying is the following on a highlighted content web part:




Any pointers here will be greatly appreciated.

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@sportsfanatic It is likely your column is not filterable. You'll want to look at the managed properties for your column. For more information, check out the Managed Properties Documentation https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/manage-search-schema

Hi @Beau Cameron ,

Thanks for the tip. I am trying to figure this out now. I am not an admin and probably the only user on the company intranet asking for specific features.

I'm in the same boat. I signed up to the MS developer program and got my own dev tenant. This means I can double check what I need done, and then give specific instructions our service desk.