Key filters? list and libraries reverted to classic experience.

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Recently all of our classical sites have reverted to the classic experience in list and libraries. We haven'r ruled out that there is some admin that has made this change, but we find it highly unlikely. And in connection to this, we've also gotten a "Key filters" bos in the left side pane of the pages. 


Has anyone else experienced this? Is this connected to some change that MS has made recently or is it something in our tenant that has been changed (somehow)?



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@NiclasDahl  I have also experienced this on Publishing sites on our tenant. I am the admin and I am certain that our tenant is set to the modern experience for document libraries. Later in the day on February 10th my users have reported that their libraries are reverting to a classic view.


So far the 'fix' has been for the user to click 'exit classic experience' on the bottom of the left rail. Then the other libraries appear as Modern as they should. 


I haven't noticed the 'key filters', but I will let you know if I do.

We are currently investigating this behavior

Is this related to something rolled out recently that could be causing this behavior?

The issue is now solved. Please validate.


We have identified a recent change that introduced this behavior. We have reverted the change to address the issue.

@Bruno Aleixo 


Things are back to normal now, thanks for speedy fix.